A decentralized independent community token

Happy 4th of July was created by a decentralized community to celebrate the Freedom of one of the greatest countries on earth! This decentralized token which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) aspires to be purely community driven. There will be NO team tokens whatsoever!


Although many would argue that America was born much earlier, it wasn’t until the signing of the declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 that America declared itself a sovereign nation.

American Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, family reunions, baseball games, speeches and other events celebrating the history and traditions of the United States.


Scream Happy 4th of July!


1 Billion







What’s more? The developers will renounce ALL rights and privileges to the contract at a trivial milestone of 150 holders. In other words, the devs will have ZERO access to make any changes to the contract after the project achieves the milestone of 150 holders. This will help guarantee as well as protect the integrity of the project.

Liquidity will be locked for an initial period of 1 year at contract deployment. At 150 holders milestone, the liquidity lock period will be extended to 100 years for 100% of liquidity, effectively guaranteeing ZERO chance of a rugpull.

Binance Smart Contract BEP20
Name: Happy 4th of July
Symbol: 4THJULY
Decimals: 9
Contract: 0xd3e371db6977eeeaa338ba86c90df2fb3b5993d6

Anti Whale: Max Wallet 3%


Market Place

A full range of Apparel, Homeware, Accessories and Drinkware designed to bring fun style and flair. The range is available in various colors, sizes and styles to suit your liking.

All proceeds from the market place will be used towards buy back and burn! this will keep the price stable and reduce the circulating supply.  

Shipping is available globally. Payment options Master, Visa and Paypal. Even if you not a crypto investor you can purchase your favorite item and the proceeds will still be used towards buy back and burn!

Details of shipping time are available in the Market Place, including order tracking and queries, simply use the portable with ease and comfort, Happy Shopping for #4THJULY



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